Quartzville, OR 6/5/21

Shane and Amy decided to go on a little adventure date for his day off and ventured to Quartzville, East of Sweet Home, OR. We found lots of pretty flowers, rock formations and saw some beautiful scenery. Too many people up there though. Quartzville Creek Rock formations Flowers Fungus

Foraging, Rockhounding

Woods Walk 5/24/21

Went for a quick trip down to the creek today and saw some flowers as well as the Japanese Knotweed that grows a foot a day I swear! Horrible stuff! Morgan in KnotweedShane in KnotweedAncient HawthorneWild RoseCamasButtercup Some cool larger agates and petrified wood from the creek today! Follow my blog for more!

Mushrooms, Rockhounding

Woods Walk 1/28/21

Morgan, Shane and Amy went for a walk to explore our woods today. Morgan and I looked for cool fungus. Shane found some really cool rocks in the creek too! Agatized Petrified WoodAgatized Petrified WoodAgatized Petrified WoodAgatized Petrified Wood Shane's Agates, Jaspers, Petrified Wood, etc. The first four pictures are an agatized petrified wood that… Continue reading Woods Walk 1/28/21